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A bit of feedback on the new editor


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As I just upgraded my boards to 4.0, both my community and me ran into quite a few issues, especially with the editor.

WYSIWYG had always have some issues so far. Sometimes, trying to remove part of a quote doesn't properly work, often you cannot reply within a quote (sometimes pressing Enter twice splits the quote, sometimes it doesn't), etc.

While it seems it will be improved with 4.1, there still are some issues.
For example, when I copy and paste something at the end of a post I am currently editing, it appears in a box (similar to a quote) - and I was NOT able to figure out how to get the cursor below that box so I could continue writing something nor did I manage to delete that box (could someone tell me how to do that, btw?)

Up until v4 there was a very simple and easy fix: Switch to source-view and edit the BBCode directly. Everyone could do that with ease.
That option is now gone - and is a very crucial one, in my opinion.

HTML Source editing is too messy - BBCode was invented for that reason, so that everyone could easily post with a simple text editor and browser at forums.

And even if WYSIWYG works, often it's faster editing directly within the BBCode, especially when working with a lot of quotes.

For CKEditor, there's a bbcode plugin.
I tried that on v4.0, and it works fairly well - HOWEVER: When you EDIT a post, it will show up as HTML as the plugin overrides the HTML parser of CKEditor.
It also has an issue when you set a.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR; (for single line breaks), and as that is being allowed with the v4.1, that would also need to be checked.

So, even if you improve the WYSIWYG-Functions of the editor - would you PLEASE consider re-adding bbcode source-editing?
As far as I understand it, with the above mentioned plugin it shouldn't be too much work to properly implement it and fix the remaining bugs.

In my opinion, this is a VERY important function - what do other forum users think about that?

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55 minutes ago, Charles said:

If you are experiencing any bugs in the editor in 4.1 please post in the bug tracker. We should be able to fix them now in 4.1.

I've only experienced the new editor here, but I have one suggestion for the quote function...

Rather than having a separate "draggable" handle pop up over the top left corner of a quote, would it be possible to make the entire quote header the draggable area? That would be far more intuitive and cleaner, IMO.

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