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Safai/Mac and New Browser Notifications


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I'm not quite sure how the new browser notifications are supposed to work. 

I've got my Safari notifcations set up like this:


If I'm browsing in another tab or something and someone replies to something I'm following then I get the "Banner" popup saying that it occurred and no noise plays (as configured above). But then if I switch to the tab with the forum in it I then instantly hear a "ding" sound. So the question is why is the ding playing at all? And why is it only playing too late when I switch back to the forum? I have already been notified of a reply so the ding seems pointless?

I've not tried it in Chrome yet, maybe it works differently there?


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I just tried it with both Chrome and Safari. In Chrome a "ding" is played straight away when the notification comes up. In Safari it's only played when you switch focus back to the IPS app. As it doesn't work consistently and is pointless on Safari I think I'd rather have the option to turn off the ding and let the browser handle that itself.

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