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Gallery Changes


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We rely heavily on the gallery in our community and there are some things that should be changed sooner rather then later in order to make it function better.

First is captions. This is something I will be coding a fix for myself while we wait for an official solution. Basically right now the default caption is the filename. We need some way to remove the default caption and just leave it blank forcing people to put their own caption in. A lot of our members just upload photos and leave the filename so we end up from anything from IMG004.JPG to THIS-IS-MY-PHOTO-47493t-EDITED-VERSION-WITH-WATERMARK-3u4fn38.JPEG. So please allow an option to leave the caption blank.


I personally don't see the need for categories. Maybe someone has an use for them. We rely more on albums. We have a single category with albums inside of it. I believe the default setting should be that if you have 1 category that it just automatically sticks you into that gallery instead of having the category listing first and then clicking to get inside of it.

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