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Malicious Code Buried in Images?


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I have a member who brought up a concern in our community forum. And I was wondering if I could stop the worry from spreading throughout my community. Here is the concern, a link to how malicious code can be buried into an image, and the code hacks the pc when the image is opened in a browser or in our case, from our community. Link http://motherboard.vice.com/read/how-you-can-get-hacked-just-by-looking-at-a-picture-online

Can anyone more knowledgeable then us tell me if this is a big concern for online forum communities?

Thanks folks

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if you only know how many of these exploits exists out there your mind would blow up and you wont turn a pc again in your life!


rest assure that these are merely prof of concept; what he mentioned is "technically" possible,

but not in real life practice; the code can be hidden from the naked eye; but i t still has a pattern or a signature if you will,

if this code becomes anymore than a prof of concept these patterns will get blocked at lowest routing level before they make it anywhere,


it doesn't matter where they hide; 99% of exploits do the same thing when they are viral

its always the same code type, the same methodology with a small twist to avoid immediate pattern detection,

today its a matter of no more than a handful of hours to control infestation

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