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Suggestion: Member-saved default stream in dedicated tab


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The streams have grown on me but one thing my members will miss is one-click VNC. Now, on the main site, you click and it shows All Activity and the sub-menus. So members that use other streams will have to click too many times. Yes I am sure we can create another main tab with a popular stream but still, members will have their own favorites. My suggestion is.

1. Allow members to save ONE stream as a new main tab. As admins we can define where this tab goes. This way they have a one-click VNC or whatever they choose as their main stream.

2. Also, on mobile, it currently takes two clicks to view the main activity because the click only brings up the menu so there is one added click to the above. Mobile should be even faster. I suggest the click activate the main stream and the dropdown, like on the main site. Unless that is some issue. But also allowing members to define a new main tab (as suggested above) would also provide a new icon on mobile. That would be great. One-click member-defined streams on both.


See below, seems a better way.

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Ah! light bulb, easy way to do it.

A solution could be let us create a default stream that is savable, since default streams currently don't save. This way we could put it in a tab (or anywhere) and they could save the setting, just like they could in VNC. And allow an easy icon addition on mobile.

That could work too. Any thought on allowing members to save a default stream? Creating their own won't help move it to a tab, but we could put a default there.

Seems like the best solution. Can save this stream? Yes/No.

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Wow, what I suggested pretty much happened. Streams look great since inception. Great job on the default streams and thanks for the one-click option on mobile.

Question: Since I do not have the beta, just asking, can we disable the ability of members to set a default if we want everyone to use AA as the default?

Suggestion: Please make AA still appear over on the right if they do not select a default. You could either make AA always default if nothing else is selected, or just have the link appear on the right even if they deselect it. That link is handy and it should never disappear. (I'd also swap it with Mark site read.)

Thanks for all the hard work!

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