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User gets white screen when trying to upload images

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Hello everyone. We just did a fresh install of the latest IPB 4.0. Most of of our users are doing fine, but we have a number of people having serious issues trying to load their images. When they click on the upload image button on their profile, or in the comment reply screen, they get a white screen and that is it.

The user who reported this is in the UK and running Firefox with Flash on the browser. They do not have Flash installed on their computer, but they do have Java. They thought this information might be important.

I did a search to see if anyone else was having this issue, but I don't see anything, so I would really appreciate some feed back. Not sure what the image uploader platform is based on, so I cant figure this out. Are there specific browser settings, such as block popups or cookies that would interfere with this process?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Andrea and Alex

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