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Why are smileys not retina capable?


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1 hour ago, querschlaeger said:

I thought since IPS 4.1 smileys are retina / DPI capable but old post are not converted:

Retina emoticons require an HTML change relating to how they're displayed, we don't rebuild post content on upgrade. Retina Emoticons will only be available in new posts after upgrading.

It's also worth noting, that if the visitor cannot display the hi-DPI images, they'll see the standard, original emoticon.

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2 minutes ago, querschlaeger said:

Ok, but will it be possible to rebuild old posts with ACP? I don't like mixed post code. I love a clean and consistent post code on my site. :)

No, there is no need to rebuild the post content, in the same way if you add/update emoticons, or add a CKEditor plugin it won't affect previous posts

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