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Activity Stream Custom Filter Options

Ocean West

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I have long needed a way to find posts that have NO replies or with fewer then 5 replies where the author only has a few posts (newbies)

I would love to see a way to add filters based on total participation of the topic and the authors total post count (or group) of the content author.

Why: For Moderators to keep an eye on newbies making posts - to allow them faster opportunity to welcome people and provide assistance or see that a post needs to be moved in to another forum.


When choosing a filter option of Content Types you use the term "Narrow By" - I guess I could always change that language string but wonder if some other term may make better since for the context: "Shown From" / "Filtered By" / "Limited To"  - Just an opinion Narrow By to me just doesn't convey the best grammar for the feature.


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