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Stream language issues cause confusion; comments to content, etc.


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Content items, comments, and reviews
Content items only <--

I understand what these views do but the language is confusing and if you select Content Items Only it makes it seem as if it will show newly listed and not be bumped with replies. However, of course, it is bumped, it just doesn't show the post made it shows the topic title so really the view is different not the actual results (except for maybe reviews? Not sure.).

This is more of a view function and should be something like:
Results Listed By:
Recent action (Or alternatively, Results Listed By Comment, reply, review)
Content title

Or similar.

2. And when viewing Content Only we have no idea of how many replies/comments content has, they all look new, 0 replies, in the stream.

3. It would be great if we could call replies to all content a comment. Topics, status updates, etc. The whole "comment" or "reply" language issue just causes headache when having to describe what shows in the stream and other areas. App consistency.



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Wait, color me confused.

@Charles this is Content items only view in my custom stream, in expanded. So why is it showing the text of the new reply? What is the difference in Content-only expanded, and clicking to see all content with comments? There is no difference in these results. So replies are not comments? You would think replies would adhere to the above setting.


These are replies:


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1 hour ago, Charles said:

We are still trying to find a way to word it so it's clear.

I understand changing wording but there seems to be a function or logic problem here.

This is

Topics - Content Only


This is

Topics - Content, comments, and reviews




There is literally no difference.

Same happens with Blogs. Etc.




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