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Notification on Member Rank & Member Reputation

Joel R

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This past weekend I created Member Ranks and Member Reputation with customized titles and badges for my community.  I think the global activity and reputation are a great way to reward members who continually contribute to the community.  



Look at those cute icons I found from a random website!  Also, thank you thesaurus.com for helping me find a dozen ways to say "good."


Unfortunately, I soon discovered that the entire system is passive.  What I mean is that the system never notifies the member when he achieves a new Rank or Reputation.  It just ... shows up next to his post or profile as another factoid.  This is okay if your only goal is merely activity metrics and analysis; there's no community re-engagement.  

My suggestion is to simply offer the option to send a notification or email when a member achieves a new Rank or Reputation, which congratulates him on achieving another milestone, publicizes the reward, and encourages him to aim for the next milestone!  That will help actively encourage members to contribute new activity and quality posts.


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Great idea! I've set up 30 levels on my site. They are meant to fun and encourage posting. Folks look forward to achieving the next level. But often times I see posts like, "hey I just noticed I am now ..." It would be kind of neat to be able to send a notification. Especially now with 4.1's instant notification feature.

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