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Viewing online activity should be limited by group and separate from online status


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There should be a way to limit the online activity/location shown/seen at the group level.

We don't always want all members to see detailed activity, as in the topic title a member is viewing, etc.

This is the current setting which does not address this, it is only for invisible status and for the group that is showing the activity: Show in online user list and latest member info? off/on
Maybe add this for how this group views activity: Can view latest member info? off/on

This way we can have a group visible, and to another group, they are seen as online, but you don't know their exact activity/location, unless you want them to.

Example: Hover a name that shows as online, and their exact location is not seen. This can be controlled by the activity that group sees (the group doing the hovering), and neither is invisible, that is a totally different setting. That is for the group being seen, and hides activity and online status.





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