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Code block scroll bar?


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Very long blocks of code present a problem for the readability of forum threads. Commonly, this is resolved by adding a scroll bar to the block after a reasonable number of lines. IPB4 does not do this, which leads to crazy long code blocks and almost unreadable threads like this one.

Could we please have scroll bar functionality for code blocks in 4.1?

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1 hour ago, cfish said:

Of course, but it should be there by default. It always was in the past and I'm just thinking that it was an oversight.

My fresh out of the box 3.4.8 install doesn't do it.

1 hour ago, cfish said:

In fact, you need to include the overflow property to force the scroll bar:



My fresh out of the box install didn't need it, in fact. (you can go ahead and edit the CSS on here with browser developer tools and see that it works fine without adding the overflow in....it's applied already in IPS's own css)

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