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[4.1 Request] Rikki Calendar Redo


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Attached are five printscreen files of the 4.1 calendar. 

Month View - logical; easy to grasp


I like the color purple or majenta ... whatever it is .. but it doesn't really fit with the default color scheme.

I like the hover popup on an event.

I think the dark blue or black square to indicate the current day does not work well on the eyes and with the default color scheme.

The events all use a rounded corner.  Looks as exciting as Charles' third cup of coffee, half drunk.

Week View - still logical and quick to read but getting busy and with the Charles excitement factor, it takes more time (really) to grasp the events


Same comments about the color purple or majenta

I like the offset of the background and the small left and wide right.

I don't like how the '1 BIRTHDAY TODAY' appears.  Shouldn't it be in a badge, and in a different color?

I still like the hover popup on an event.

I strongly dislike the square and round wrapping styles for day and multi-day events.  This is where I think Rikki could Redo ... to make the day and multi-day work better.  One idea: Multi event starts with a rounded end and ends with a shaped arrow of some kind, and on the next day, the same shaped arrow starts on the left and then ends with the rounded end (which you already use).  But the design of these long shapes is so boring and blase (with or without the accent) that it makes Charles's third cup of coffee look really attractive.

I don't like the black color for the current day - it makes the current day spelled out hard to read, and as I said earlier, it doesn't fit in with the color scheme. Too harsh and negative.

Day View - I decided to go back a day and look at Sept 11 instead of Sept 12.  That way I could hope to see what multiple events look like.  Strange ... it only shows two events.  What happened to Happy Friday?  A bug?


I like the even-shaped layout. I don't get sea sick. 

I like the carry over of the personalized event banners.

I don't like the hidden abrupt brick wall of 'Event details.'  I suggest an ACP definable character limit of the event description to fit in for one or two lines.  It helps to be intuitive and instantly understandable.

I don't like 'ALL DAY' in the left sidebar because it is misleading and portrays events as happening all day when most likely they do not.  Just use a different language string?

Event Stream - confusing; illogical, busy


The printscreen shows most of what I want to say.  Left to right? Right to left? Down one column then up the next or Down one column then up and down the next?  Nothing makes sense and all the shapes are different sizes.  This looks less attractive than Charles' half drunk and spilled cup of coffee on a bunch of papers.

Rikki double overtime pay is authorized (Lindy said so).


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