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Tags, prefixes, tag cloud and filtering content


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We have this great functionality, tags and prefixes but it's full potential is still not reached. Here's what could be done to further improve this:

Develop a tag cloud block on the sidebar of every forum with the most used tags in the topics from that forum (or all forums if the block is used on the homepage). Selecting any of the tags, should/could filter topics in the forum, allowing members to quickly sort their so needed content. If this filtering is too complicated, even redirecting the members to the search page would be an improvement.

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Here's more:
As far as i used tags and prefixes on topics we can draw a conclusion that tags can be many and prefixes are less in numbers, due to the fact that they should describe topics in short.

As well as a tag cloud that can be very useful in the sidebar of a forum listing topics to filter/search by tags, a prefix cloud or list could be equally useful to filter content in a forum.

If there is anybody willing to take on this task to develop this sidebar block and functionality, i am willing to pay.

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