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authentication bug found?


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I use the IPB member database to authenticate users for the main part of my website. It works great on v3.48.

For v4, the authentication is different. How it's done is detailed here:-

Except it doesn't work properly.

That authentication routine expects to find the logged-in user details within the ibf_core_sessions table, but this table isn't updating immediately when a user logs in (it does update immediately on a log-out).

Instead, a number of different clicks around the forums are required, where repeating the same clicks in the same place each time does not have the same effect each time. I might be one click, or it might take 20 clicks before the table updates with the logged-in user's details.

As a log-out updates the table immediately each and every time, the log-in should do too.

Unreliable authentication is much like no authentication at all.

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