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How to defer loading of javascript?

Jason Bahre

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 before </body> tag 

does not defer the js on all ips js according to gtmetrix

uploads/javascript_global/root_framework.js.3520be62b0b719dac3409b8bd73bb389.js?v=300a8d20b0 (216.3KiB)

uploads/javascript_global/root_library.js.04850bf2f119d9ce3f8469cb8b098594.js,qv=300a8d20b0.pagespeed.jm.EAtrNTdyYN.js (172.8KiB)

uploads/javascript_global/root_js_lang_1.js.912558cc23ad6372d396e3b08d600fbf.js,qv=300a8d20b0.pagespeed.jm.wIKkJCmZcN.js (2.1KiB)

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