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Staff page not full width

Square Wheels

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I noticed that the staff page is not the full width.  I am not sure when this issue happened as I have not had mods in the past, but the sites been busier, so I have some and took a look at the page.  It takes up about 2/3 of the page.

I think you browser problem.

Here's how I see this page
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I don't have an issue with Chrome or Firefox. Clear your cache. Do you have an 'add-ons' running that could interfere?

Google Chrome Version: 45.0.2454.85
Firefox Version: 33.0.2

Shoulda tried that first.  I cleared my Chrome cache, it took a couple of minutes, now all is well.


Darnit, I spoke too soon.  After I cleared everything, I was logged out and it looked ok.  Once I log in it goes back to the images I posted above.

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OK, here's something interesting.

I go to ACP and pick a different user and log in as them.  I visit the problem pages and they initially (less than a second) load incorrectly then quickly load correctly.

I just renewed my license today and after I cleared my cache and logged in again as me I saw the expired notice.

I went to the ACP and it said it was up to date.  Went back to site, notice was gone but problem pages still a problem.

Could these two things be related?

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Of course, you are signed out and possibly don't have what's required to reproduce it. I don't have the issue on hes forum, but I have on mine. But, i don't have any account on hes..


It happen to mine randomly, out of the blue.


Try going to your ACP and picking a randon non-admin user and loggin in as them.  Does it resolve the issue?

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