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How do users know they have been warned?

Square Wheels

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I've been having some issues with a few users and issuing warning points.  One of them complained there is no notification when they log in.  I seem to remember in 3.x that there was a prominent display when they logged in.

I just tested it with a user, then logged in as that user and there is no display.

Let's assume they have notifications turned off (no pm, no site email), how does a user get notified?

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I tested this using test user and the user was sent a warning in email. But He didn't get any warning he needed to acknowledge when he logged in.

I clicked on "See recent warnings" on the test users profile page and there was the warning and green colored Acknowledged.

This is on IPS 4.0.11

Please upgrade to our latest release: then test again. Thanks :) 

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