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prefered app module work in a strange mode...


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like from object, and from screen above, is normal I can set as prefers all module and just one,app?

put an app as prefered make this as default In community homepage, but put all module as default... I think isn't normal :|

in past I've only pages + pages.

I've try now (just for test) to enable forum modules and ok, is enabled, but pages remain also enabled - and the same for all others...




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Yes, you can set only 1 Application as the default one. This will be then the landing page.

Each app can have several modules. And you can set for each app 1 module as the default one. This will then be loaded when you visit the app, e.g. the gallery and albums list from the gallery https://community.invisionpower.com/gallery/ or the month view from the calendar app https://community.invisionpower.com/calendar/


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