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@ipsrocks I have an issue with the plug-in.

I am using it for about a year and all was good. Today I noticed there is an update to version 1.0.1, downloaded it and installed and it still shows that there is a new version.
Looking into the xml file I downloaded the version is 1.0.0

Seems like the downloadable is not the correct version (?)

Can you please advise?
See below the screenshot how it looks after installing the update.

Thank you in advance,

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 16.53.19.png

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Hello @fosters @fosters  

its working on mine 4.1.19 too just fine. 

i have a request. 

I need your plugin to also work for  other (given?) membergroups  not only for guests. 

I could donate something  upfront to sponsor it...! it would help a lot.  

(in my country here all people have english in their browsers but forum is in greek language -    ) 

right now, the guests see it in the selected language and when they login it returns to the english because their browser is english! 


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