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single login for external calendar and IPS suite


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I find myself in a position to require another calendar which is a pro wordpress plugin. However this calendar requires a login before posting an event. Is there a way to connect the calendar to the ips suite which I can simply use as a forum(s) and galleries etc.  (Of course I appreciate I wont be able to set any permissions on the calendars so Ill have to have a think how to overcome this in some way.)

I know there is IPS connect but I really dont want my members ending up inside wordpress dashboard. I just want them auto logged into the calendar to post events.  https://theeventscalendar.com/product/wordpress-events-calendar-pro/

perhaps it is a custom job?

Many thanks if you can help

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I am being advised to continue with IPS calendar and get all the bugs ironed out rather than use the wordpress pro calendar.

its just that I feel at the end of my tether as its been weeks and weeks trying to sort out the IPs calendar which doesnt look like  its gonna get sorted in the near future.



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