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Calendar date incorrect in 4.0.13


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I have the same problem.
This is the only change to the Calendar
{template="calendarHeader" group="browse" app="calendar" params="$calendars, $thisCalendar, $jump"}

{template="calendarHeader" group="browse" app="calendar" params="$calendars, $thisCalendar, $jump, $downloadLinks"}

When viewing the html template 'calendarHeader' in this code may be an error

<li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='{{if $thisCalendar}}{$downloadLinks['iCalCalendar']}{{else}}{$downloadLinks['iCalAll']}{{endif}}'><i class='fa fa-download'></i> {lang="download_webcal"}</a></li>
	<li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='{expression="str_replace( array( 'http://', 'https://' ), 'webcal://', $thisCalendar ? $downloadLinks['iCalCalendar'] : $downloadLinks['iCalAll'] )"}'>

Disturbing in code red


Is there a mistake - developers can see.


Unpleasant fact is impossible change date format.:mad:


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been going insane with this. Sometimes I managed to post an event successfully and other times it said invalid start or invalid end date. Thats because I chose a DAY above 12th of the month and in US format it thought i was trying to post an event in month 16       my 16/9/2015 (UK format) was being picked up as 9/16/2015 ( US format) which of course is an invalid month

so what we need is the formats changing to UK completely

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so how do you write ur dates in Uk we write dd/mm/yyyy

It's fair to say that you can gamble on DMY or YMD for pretty much any culture on the planet, with around 5 billion people natively using one or the other. There's the notable exception of the USA and a couple of micronations using MDY, and a couple of countries which switch between DMY and MDY.

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I've reported this as a bug - I have the same problem on my site too.

In calendar has Html5 error - I've reported



I tried that too but no matter what it still remains as US...mm/dd/yyyy 

lose lose and very frustrating for sure :sad:

Certainly annoying mistake, but why not respect a team?

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Check your link  http://sait/Galery



Look at the result

yeah it does say things are wrong but i dont understand any of it.  So Ill just have to go along with my gallery at least looking like its working I guess

even my wordpress part of site shows errors in the html5 check and thats the latest divi theme. https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.outdoormuckers.co.uk%2F  nothing I can do about it all really so Like I said as long as it looks ok that will have to do

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