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Disable the English (default) language


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Since I am using a Polish language by default for all content on my website I would like to disable the English language - is it possible? I can't find any option for it and the language is locked in the languages - list so I can't really do anything with it.

The main reason I'd like to do that is to avoid filling the inputs while creating a new forum/categories on my board (I need to enter the name for both languages every time which is required and annoying).


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The message locked accompanies the default language automatically. Are you sure that English isn't the default? To find out, click on the pencil icon for Polish. If it is the default language already, you'll only see options for the language, locale and text direction. If it isn't the default, there'll be an option to make it so. If this option is enabled, Polish should now be locked whilst you can disable English.

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