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What I find PM system should have or needs to improve by feedback from my members:

1. Topics pane on the left lacks participants information. If I'm the starter and I replied last, theres no way to know whom I'm taking to without opening message. Theres only information about how many members are in specific conversation if I roll over the number. If I have many conversations with the same title, it's a bit confusing. Solution should consider mobile version as well.

2. If theres more than 1 page of replies, clicking on title it takes me to the first page. At least my members find it should take you to the last or have an opportunity to select last page from topics pane.

3. Believe it's a bug but sometimes it opens topics pane on the top and message body at the bottom. On mobile I mean. If I do refresh, it removes topics pane and works like it should. Problem occurs mostly when selecting message from popup window when I click on envelope icon. It's a bit annoying because theres too much scrolling.

4. On mobile, if I reply to a conversation it won't move conversation at the top of the topics pane. After page reload it's at the top.

Members have asked an option to select multiple conversations at the time to delete as well but I saw it's already done with 4.1.

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