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IPB4 is not saving cookies


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I upgraded from 3.4.8 to 4.0 yesterday but since I did it, two things are not working properly:

- Mobile site isn't working.  It keeps saying your mobile device must allow cookies.  This has happened to every single one of my members and all of their devices allow cookies.  No idea how to fix this.

- My website is logging out users every time they leave the site (another cookie issue).  Apparently the forums are not saving cookies at all and so it's logging users out constantly and they have to log back in every single time they come back to the site.


How do I fix this??

I have a feeling this may be a license issue.  My license had expired and I recently updated it for the next 6 months, but since I updated it, this problem has existed.  Can anyone assist with this?

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Did you use a cookie prefix in IPS 3? The cookie prefix is not upgraded and must be defined in constants.php now. 

It's possible that certain server environments requires cookies to start with a specific prefix to be forwarded to a backend-server. This is usually done in order to better utilize front end cache solutions like Varnish.

If this reasoning for the cookie prefix setting doesn't sound familiar to you, just disregard this :)

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