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please, reorder category for ips4


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eg, where i can put feed-back d'or ip.download 4?

more People put this in sub category For ip.download For 3.4 or below... we don't have a specific category For ips4 apps.

I think is necessary to reorder and separate ips3.* vs ips4.* with primary category.


thanks and sorry for poo,English...

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yes, thanks. I post here.

but many people post here: https://community.invisionpower.com/forum/317-ipdownloads/

this cause product feedback dispersion and confusion.

some post in one location, other in another location...

maybe a sup-version-category is a best way for user to navigate forum and post content in right location.

thanks for your time Ryan :)



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I would suggest for them to close the IPS 3.4 feedback forums for new topics, so only the existing ones can be replied in. Then in some months they should maybe close it down to new replies too. And maybe add an announcement that the 3.4-series is no longer in active development and that feedback for future versions can be posted in the feedback-forum for IPS 4 and be based on how it works in IPS 4.

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