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ipdownload, merge file reviews and comments


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seems a bit redundant to have 2 seperate comments section under 2 different names. Both serve same purpose so merging would be better

on my site i have several 100 people who copy paste their msg on file reviews and comment section and it just feel pointless to have both comment section up.

i cant disable comments because of someones bright solution the conversion from 3.4 all file comments were moved to comment section and to vote for a file you need a file review so it forces me to have 2 comment section enabled because i want the old comments to be there while i want members to rate the files

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sorry, but reviews is different by comments!

u can make a review of something u know fine, u've test, used (in download, if u want, u can enabled review only after file download...). a comment is simply.... a comment! maybe a simple: ah, ok, maybe tomorrow I install it, or: thanks!

so, something is best to use review (download; book; etc)

something, instead, is best to use comments (topic; articles)...

but, In some circumstances, both can be a good choice (maybe a video gallery, or links directory...)


this is just my opinion (and sorry for my poor English).

regards... :)



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