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Messenger permissions - restrict the use of messenger on a per group basis


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Re my post here;

I have a use case for this that I cannot believe, for one second, is unique to me. As the permissions stand now, it appears I cannot prevent certain groups from using the messenger. Previously this could be restricted on a per group basis. In my case, I don't want new users having immediate access to the messenger as it's a route for potential abuse and spam. This becomes even more important if a member is banned. Currently they simply re-register and immediately get access to the messenger, even if their forum posting rights are restricted.

Please reintroduce the ability to prevent user groups from accessing the messenger.

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This is possible to do but it's not as intuitive as it could be.

ACP -> System -> Applications -> System Drop Down -> Lock button (permissions) for under "Messages".

It's possible, but I do agree it should really be something that is added to group permissions.

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