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Assign 'Guest' Post To Certain Member?


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Long story short, I (or IPB) accidentally deleted an unknown amount of users when pruning accounts that had 0 posts. Now those posts state 'Guest'. i thought I thought could tell all the posts that were written by a certain member by looking up their IP, but this info is not correct. One person I looked up who I know had over 300 posts, only showed the IP of having 10 posts.

If the person registered on the forum again, and was able to go through and tell me exactly which posts were theirs, is there any way to assign a 'Guest' post to a member?

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do about this?

Thank you.


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Your host probably has the backup of files and database before deleting.
I think we need to restore your site from a backup.

Unfortunately I do not have the proper backup.

Coming from phpbb, that software had the ability to "Change poster" of any given post. This would be a great feature to implement in a future version of IPB. One that I could definitely make use of right now.


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