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Request: Separate control from theme elements in ips.core.quickSearch.js


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It is, no lie, a giant pain in the ass to format/theme the search box. This attached controller handles the population and submission of the filtering elements and that is great and all but the same controller also fades and hides the filter box and other junk. You can CSS around some of it but without disabling the controller entirely some fade elements will still fire leading to bits fading out and immediately reappearing.

If this was just a .js file that contained nothing but theme elements it would be fine under the IPS terms and conditions to rip it apart and so on but this is a full-on js controller so I can't hack at it and package it up with a theme without violating those terms. 

Seeing as it is a mish mash of both theme and control it leaves me with either the option to hack my way around it with css (leaving a few crappy looking annoyances behind) or re-write - without using IPS code - the entire controller.

Yes, I know, I can probably pull over junk from the advanced search form and hack another thing up rather than trying to format the front-facing quick search, but you guys could consider having controllers just control and keep the formatting stuff in separate js controllers/things to give the folks making themes more direct control (and not have to code around what should be simple theme work).

2 cents..

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