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IPS4 - show all emoticons in editor again?


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Since upgrading, almost all of my members are panicking "what happened to all of our emoticons", because no one realizes via the emoticon icon in the editor only some are shown and the rest are accessible via "Categories".

Can the layout be changed to more obviously include a link to "view all emoticons" or change back to the old behavior where all were shown? I think this is very confusing for users. The software has included a lot more user friendly changes, but this one is taking a step backward for sure.


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I've found that (short of changing the Emoticons text to instruct to click on categories for more - which takes up a LOT of room) something like XF does is fairly reasonable and easy to discern what is what.



It is rather confusing in IPS's implementation as you only see (from what I can tell) a max of 21 of them and there is no indicator that more are visible under each category.

I mean, really.. this is sorta "cartoonish" to have to do this


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