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How to move my community from an URL to another in the same domain

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try to rename test folder to forum and edit conf_global.php change url test to forum

Plus ensure that your File Configuration and settings have been updated to reflect the new path/URL (if needed).

For .htaccess, you would want to use something like:

RewriteRule ^old/(.*)$ /new/$1 [L,R=301]

Of course fill in "old" and "new" with your corresponding directories.

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(From Rhett via a PM)

I just moved another one today, all that is needed even with a url/domain change is the following.


  • Copy files
  • backup and restore database
  • edit conf_global.php file with new db info and url
  • Log into acp and run the support tool
  • Done!

By the numbers this works perfectly.

In your case it should be rename your site directory from test to forum. Then edit the conf_global.php as above. Log into the ACP and run the support tool...

Good Luck...



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