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Not sure where to post all this

Rudie Visser

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I need someone to help me out with a few things

I'm completely new to IPB and need some advice please.

- First of all I would like to know should i stay with IPB 3.4.8 or upgrade to the latest version of IPB, if yes, how do i do this.

- Secondly is there any place i could possibly purchase a art & craft theme to go with the site that includes banners,logo and anything else you can think off

- Third is how do i go about setting up facebook login, i tired it but its all so confusing how to set it all up.

- last but least where could I find staff to help out with my forum, it's been a long time where I lost majority of my old forum buddies and no longer can contact them or they have left the forum industry.

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Ricki B

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1.  The answer to this question can be a whole conversation on its own.  In general ... If you're starting over from scratch, then I would recommend you go ahead and start from IPS v4.  You can have IPS support migrate for you.  If you have an established website, then you may want to stay on v3.4.8 for the foreseeable future until you've conducted test migrations and ensured parity of functionality.  

2.  Marketplace

3.  ACP > System > Login Handlers

4.  Your staff is most likely "me, myself, and I" for the time being, until you start rebuilding activity.  

Good luck!  

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