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Converting vb 4 to ipb 3 - Converter stucks at "topics" - any ideas?


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trying to convert my old vb 4.2.2 forum to ip board 3. Converter stucks  at "topics" permanently. After a while, at around 130K (from 150K) I got a white blank screen, and nothing happens. 

  • I tried to repair the SQL table (vbulletin_thread.sql) with phpmyadmin -> same
  • I imported the SQL table 2nd time -> same
  • I set the amount of rows to 1K per cycle -> same
  • I exported SQL table from old server a few days later, imported it -> same

Much bigger table "vbulletin_post" seems to work.

Any ideas how to fix it?

22-08-2015 14-59-36.png

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A blank white page typically indicates a php error. Do you have Cpanel or suchlike ? You could look in there at the error logs. Also take a look via FTP at the webroot and the directory IPB is in for an error_log file as some server setups will simply create a log here.

There are also some progress logs (well, kind of) in IPB3's /cache directory typically they end with a .cgi extension, there might be a clue here although it will probably just tell you what you already know ie what steps were done and when it stopped.

The php error logs should be the first step for this issue if you get a blank white page.

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Yay :).

Found in error log: (above \httpdocs, under \logs)

"mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted"

Set in php.ini, 256M, instead of default, which was 128M, I assume. 

looks good now. Thanks again, AndyF.



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You're welcome.

128M (134217728 bytes) is the default but some hosts chop it down, in some cases to the php4 levels ie 32mb or suchlike.

It should not really be running out of memory at 128MB though in most cases, but you've upped it and converted so I guess its a mute point. :)

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