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Im not one to complain but if you use ips4 take a read.


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Since day one of me getting ips4 i noticed an issue with logins. My members complained that logging in was forcing the remember me option and its not possible to toggle it off. I tested this myself and its true. Now i disabled all of my plugins and extras to make sure it was not me but it still happens and my bug reports go unnoticed. Are people aware of this? can it be fixed? are the staff on it?

Because my users are grilling me about it and tbh i would grill me too since this bug renders anyone using a public terminal to access a ips4 forum vulnerable since it saves the login.

So if you use ips4. Please test it on your forum. And drop some feedback. At the very least we can find out if its a bug in the software or if its just me.

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Although, by default, the box is ticked on my site, it is ok to untick it & log in. then close the browser & I need to sign in again


So, I do not see a problem with it

Thats really strange. Its now working for me too. No update since this post. Oh well lets scratch this off as fixed then.

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