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Calendar vs editor

Tracy Perry

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Was making some calendar events for bike rides on my site and pasting info into the "Description" field.  Due to the fact that the data I had copied had styling applied to it, I selected the "Past as plain text" editor button (which I have enabled).

I had done this for other events, but not as a "plain text" choice and it worked fine.  Imagine my surprise when I saved the event down and then when it was shown it looked like this


You couldn't use any of the event details buttons to edit, download or anything (couldn't delete it) so I was able to use the browser back button and converted the "plain text" to html and it them showed up fine.


Anybody else notice the same issue? I debated putting this in the bug reports, but there is a possibility it could be "style" related - but I haven't modified any of the templates for any of the calendar related functions.

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