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Amazon S3 Storage Setting

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We run a rather active community, and when we upgrade to IPS 4, would love to take advantage of the Amazon S3 Storage Setting that's built-into the suite. My question, however, is if we could easily support alternative S3-like services, such as DreamObjects.

DreamObjects uses the same API as Amazon S3, it just requires a different endpoint (objects.dreamhost.com).

Is there an easy way to change the endpoint so we can use our buckets with alternative providers? That's really the only bit of code that needs to change and it should work (assuming there's not... strange things going on in the background). 

I've actually gotten several developers of other applications to support services like DreamObjects by simply allowing users to optionally specify their own custom endpoint as it's a quick way to support other services that use the S3 API without doing any additional "work".

Is there a hardcoded file I can modify?


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