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Correct way to work with 3rd-party libraries in plugins?


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I want to use a library I found on Github in one of my plugins, but I am uncertain of the correct way to go about that.

The library is structured as follows:

    -> etc ...

I see that there is a directory called 'dev/resources' in my plugin. I assume that everything should go in there. Correct me if that is the wrong assumption.

So now my question is: how do I reference my library from my template hooks? I really only need to include the lib.js file, but that javascript file then includes the stuff from img-dir, so I don't want to break the established directory structure.

Please share with me the way the creators intended this to work :smile:

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I don't think you can include files with plugins, you have to create an application (that's what I had to do anyhow when I asked the same question). Then just create a "system" folder in your application structure and it will be bundled up when you build the application .tar file.

Thanks @AutoltScript . I took a look at the applications, and it seems like a much more viable development platform for the time being. It has everything the plugin system has, plus some more important features, including the resource bundling I want. I do hope that resource bundling becomes part of the plugin packaging soon, though. The whole plugin system seems a little silly without it.

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