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IP4 - Group Permission Change won't save


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I've spent the last hour or so making changes to a newly created group so they can only see one of the subforums on the site.

I click save, it gives me the "Saved" pop up...and then when I test the permissions, they are wrong. And when I go back into the group permissions it reverts to a helluva lot more than what I gave them.  Am I missing something?

Follow up question:
Is there a reason why we can't give individual forum permissions to each user?  For instance (and the one I'm trying above), I want to ban the user from all but one of the subforums on the board...Hiding any forum he should not be able to see. The only way I can see to do this, is to create a group, set the forums to only show the forum I want him to see, and make him the only member of that group.  That would be super tedious going forward if I had a lot of these (which I assume I will).

We should be able to edit the forums each user can see, post, reply etc.

however, any suggestion on how to make it work with the framework we have currently, I'm open too.

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