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Hi, twice under version 4 the table structure has changed requiring me to modify the SQL query in the attached php script, the most recent change has me stumped as I'm not able to find where the "Group names" are stored like they were prior to the change. The only table I can find them in is "core_sys_lang_words" however I don't know how to use this to create the query linking the information together (I'm not a programmer)

I've tried support and you can imagine what they said.

I run this script as a cronjob, essentially it grabs members of a group, purchase date information (expiry dates etc) and inserts it into another database I have.

I'd really appreciate some assistance in resolving this, even better ways of doing this so I don't need to modify the SQL statement when invision makes changes to the database.


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Following as this is something that I may be interested in as well. Are you using this as an external way to manage members? I'm needing something like this to ensure they are returned to the correct groups when their subscription expires as some of my old VB5 converted ones don't always.

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Basically, users purchase a subscription service via nexus, this php script runs every five minutes (crontab) pulls down members of the groups listed in the vip.php file "Platinum VIP Member " for example and inserts the information into another database.

Another plugin (procon) uses that information to add in reserved slots for games and other privileges, in another version I had it using the GSPs APIs to add in users but this method is a little better.

Probably a better way of handling it is using the invision APIs specifically the "ISMember" that way table changes likely won't be an issue, however I'm no programmer and the method of pulling the information from the DB directly worked for the last four years until version 4x came along.

In the older version I used to run this php script as part of the nexus module, when a membership was purchased or expired it would execute, it had to be modified again due to invision removing that functionality from nexus.

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