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Payment Gateways in 4.0


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Haven't upgraded yet so asking here...

In 3.4 I have 2 PayPal gateways and 2 2Checkout gateways. This is how I was told by support to offer a dedicated recurring billing solution at checkout, so the user can choose PayPal or Paypal Subscription for example. In the gateway settings, admins can select "Enable PayPal Subscriptions Support" for PayPal and "Enable Recurring Payments" for 2CO and this sets the gateway up for subscriptions only. So when you offer the non-recurring and the recurring gateways the user has the choice.

In 4.0 I don't see this. How is it handled exactly? And do I need to disable those recurring gateways for PP and 2CO?



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There is no documentation. Can IPS answer this, especially about 2CO please? I haven't seen any posts on supporting 2CO recurring payments and the option is missing from the gateway. Before I upgrade I need to know these answers, should I email or use a ticket? Also need to know about PP, though I know it is supported somehow, just don't see how it works now, and no docs. 

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All I need to know is, how do I do THIS in 4.0:

(I have one 2CO gateway with this on, one off, so the member selects if they want recurring billing. This is in the 2CO settings in 3.4. Not in 4.0. And what happens to our current recurring payments?)


Anyone please? Thank you!

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