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Upgrade issue: Collation (?)

Asgard Gaming

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We have an old phpBB board that we want to dump and convert over to IPB 4. So we have had a HUGE amount of issues on the way, one wich involve Collation.
Important Note: We are Swedish and thus write mostly in Swedish on our board.

So what we need to do is first install IPB 3.4.8, Convert phpBB into IPB 3, and then upgrade it to IPB 4. At the upgrade part it dose NOT ask to convert database and somehow ALL Swedish special letters like Å Ä Ö gets ed up, as seen below.



Now, the phpBB is in utf8_bin and when I install IPB 3 its done in utf8_unicode_ci. And it works, no errors or even wierd letter replacements for Å Ä Ö.
But as soon as I upgrade to 4.0.11/12/12.1 it gets ed up again.

Ive read around a little but no one seems to have the exact same problem as me?
Have I missed it, Is there a solution to this faeces?


//Alexander @ Asgard Gaming

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When you convert from phpbb, there is a field for the charset in the advanced settings on the first step, are you entering the proper charset in that entry when converting? based on your info, that should be entered as utf8_bin if not, then this is likely the issue.



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