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Major pages index issue


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I'm having a major pages index issue and thought I would make a thread to see if anyone has any ideas on this. I just submitted this to support but like to see if maybe I can get a quicker solution, maybe I've done something wrong here. Not sure.

I ran the SEO checker and had these errors in the screenshot. The 2 errors I'm concerned with is url and ip canonicalization errors which are easy to fix server side.


These are supposed to be simple fix errors which my host did perform however they noticed issues after making the corrections and had to remove the corrections due to


 We have found the reason the forum does not work is due to the redirects detecting "index.php" as the active page and the forum software working from the index.php.

 Due to the nature of the changes that need to be made, we can not make them as they are outside of our scope of support. We do however, theorize, that if you make a copy of the index.php (i.e. forum.php) and change the software to use that file instead of the index.php in the .htaccess, the redirects along with the forum will all function as intended.

 We have disabled the redirects for the time being. Please let us know if you would like us to re-enable them.

 Thank you,


So basically they do not know the software but are saying if I change from using pages as index to forums I will not have this issue. Has anyone else experienced this?

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All of those SEO "issues" are nothing to do with IPS and are caused by your server configuration. And other then the www/non-www thing, none of them are really that important. (The IP one seems to be fixed from what I can see)

Right, but when the server is corrected pages becomes a issue as stated above. That's not a server issue then. This may have something to do with running full https too. Looking into that now. Unfortunately this ends up being a pretty fair size deal when users can't go anywhere but the site index when clicking something and can't make it to their destination. The issue has also caused Google to be reading 2 sites, one for http and one for https, that's also a pretty fair size deal.

You must have a 301 redirect when using https to go from http url to https, that's where the issue seems to stem around anyhow. Interesting this is anyhow.

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