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Downloads App Feature Request - Passwords


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Please consider a Password toggle for uploaded files.

We have a situation where downloads need to be restricted to people in an individual basis, not a group basis. Having a simple field for "Password Protect Download?" would provide address this issue and, for those who do not need it, it's a simple toggle to not use it.

Ideally, I would like to see it implemented as follows:

In the AdminCP for the Downloads App settings, there could be a global setting to "Allow passwords on files". This could further be expended to included what user groups could add passwords to files they upload.

On the Public facing Downloads area, users (or admins as the case may be), could upload files and choose whether they want to password protect it or not. If so, when a guest tries to download that file, s/he would be greeted with a "this file needs a password" (not unlike a password protected forum).

Please consider this. I think having the ability to password protect downloads is an option that should be included by default to further broaden its usefulness.

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