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Not sure if this can done using pages but like create League Table very simple one for now using 4.0.x i like to have so can enter details like team name to the number matches played, won lose and draw very much how League table would work is this easy or will be more like Application needed.

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might sounds easiest way but i like to be little creative so application will solve my problem its shame pages can't but nevermind.

Thats not a shame. This is the content management system way.
Im porgramming myself at work on a enterprise CMS system, the goal of a CMS is to provide a simple page builder for static content.
The only way to create "complex" database relations is by a plugin system.

And as I said, I think its not working, but i cannot guarantee that there isnt a working way :thumbsup:
Its just mny opinion, i would need to have a whole TSCD for point that out. :tongue:

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After a small reading through upcoming releases, it might be possible creating your idea:

  • Ability to link two database together on a specific field. This is useful to create relations between two databases with some shared data points

This could already create the relation you require. 

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