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what happened to my URL?


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I added a custom link in general configuration which was working quite nicely and used to look like this   http://www.outdoormuckers.co.uk/forum/2-first-steps/

Now all of a sudden it looks like this


Therre was a very strange hiccup and I ran the support to fix errors because the menu links changed for some wierd reason after  I added a temporary test logo image

Any ideas what is happening please? Thanks if you can help



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Check what is your default app? (System-Applications)

In my apps it says applications-system locked

Have to be a member to see the forum.

sorry about that but this is one of the changes that just happened.. and i dont know how to reset my home page to full site view just at the moment

spoke to my web host as we were trying to move my IPS to "community" instead of "forum" but he had to put it back just now ( all happening at the same time ive been having the problems) and he has apologized but I may have lost some databse or whatever    

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Against APP Forums click on a star - become black

brilliant that worked and at least its looking back to normal now   other than the few other little strange things like my custom link First Steps going to the calendar


I noticed in my acp-sytem-apps that it says there is an app out of date... Community.... so I click and it says to upload .tar file.  But ive no idea what or where that is or where I can find one

Ive checked the custom link in general configuration and http://www.outdoormuckers.co.uk/forum/2-first-steps/   it just goes to the calendar still..  hmmmmm


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Add ... /forum /.. in the link

or edit FURL

thanks again that worked.. I did have that forum hidden from guests so thats ok...  Im just glad it goes to the right place now.   thanks

Looks like Im getting there bit by bit now   PHEW...   I think I'll ask ( and pay) IPS if they can move my forums for me

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I'm glad you got it fixed :)

You should also check out CJ Menu by @CodingJungle which offers an awesome full-featured menu and you can add custom links.  

Hi Joel   I already have purchased the fab CJ Menu from @CodingJungle  but I currently have ( and want to keep) the lovely Uniform skin by @ehren.... and just at the moment they are just a tad incompatible but that can all be worked on at a slightly later date ....   

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