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feedback for Downloads v4 update


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Since I am having a horrific time with this v4 update - and have submitted more than a dozen tickets already , I felt maybe it would be useful for the developers to know that all is not well with v4.

my 2c

( I have been using IPS since September 2010 - 5 year now )


 - all file ratings are gone , every download rated since you installed Downloads v1 is gone in v4


mod makers lost their feedback

users are left clueless

- all customization done before in each category is now lost , you can do it all over again


very bad:

- no missing topic checker

- no orphan file checker

- no download stats , no broken files, no pending files attached to each category as before, it is up to you to guess what is going on now in each category

- no list of pending files in the ACP

- no list of broken files in the ACP


- can't change category in the file window, once the user submits the file the only way to change category is by using the file actions tab

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v246/thomasdw/Jun 2014/Capture_9.png

which is placed over the link and the window is so small as to force you to scroll up and down several times

- external blog links gone

useless now

the download module front page


useless stats and what is worse, wrong stats

I can use myself as an example : I made over 300 mods and have hundreds of thousands of downloads

reading the TOP SUBMITTER block you would not know it.





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