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create my Login handler

Steven Zhang

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I am developing a custom login handler, according to this document,https://community.in...n-handlers-r97/.
I create a plugin called "example", with an "example.php", which extends\IPS\Login\LoginAbstract.
But I don't know how to access my new login handler.
I want my game players to visit the forum with their game accounts.
We embed a link in our game, with an url to access my custom login handler.
I think it may look like: http://sw.invisionzo...=xxx&pass=yyy I don't know how to get the url , and how to use this handler.

I am not sure is it supported to custom login like this. I think I would better explain my request more.
I want to integrate a button called "Forum" in our game. Players will visit the forum and login with their game account, when they touch the button. They do not need to entering game account and password, they just login like the form is a part of the game.
Here is our solution, in our mind.
The "Forum" button will link to an url, which brings game account and auth information. I develop a custom login handler to read the account information from the url, authenticate it, and login. I am not sure whether this is supported.
Do you have any suggestion?




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