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Split javascript between header/footer.


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All IPS javascript that is not needed for basic page rendering should probably be moved to the footer, so it wont delay page loads while the javascript is processed. This should result in a slight improvement in page render speed! I know this can be configured right now, but the fact that it's an option implies that there's at least a reason for some of it to be in the header by default (?)

Or if footer javascript "just works" and has no issues, it should be made the default setting?

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Speed fanatics would want it in the footer, whereas the actual accepted proper place by specification for assets such as script and css is in the head tag. It's a case of practice defying specification really, and the difference is usually minor.

A lot of sites put it in the footer by default, including this one :P

I'm just bringing up the idea. Anyway, this topic may be pointless, because IPS seems to work just fine with all of the JS in the footer.

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