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Quote confusion

The Old Man

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One of my members has asked:

I had quoted you, and wanted to type below the quote, but I couldn't figure out how.  It wouldn't let me leave the quote window and go below it to type anything.  Does it have anything to do with the red line that displays beneath the quote?  What is it for?

Sorry for handing you another problem.

I've seen this red line before, not sure what is is. I mostly use an iPad and I know the editor is excruciating to use at times, but this member is using a PC and a number of browsers.

Can anyone advise please? Thank you.


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Ah, thanks Ralf, much appreciated.

I also found this online...

Magic Line

This plugin makes it easier to place cursor and add content near some problematic document elements like, for example, images, tables or <div> elements that start or end a document, lists, or even adjacent horizontal lines.

Apparently the redline is called the Magic Line.


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